MOBIC City X7 Folding Bike - Strong Lightweight Aluminum Frame

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  • Clamp-n-Lock folding technology folds in about 10 seconds!
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with quick release wheels, seat post and adjustable height handle post
  • Shimano 7 speed easy shift grip shifters
  • Ergonomic saddle and grips with high pressure lower rolling resistant tires.
  • Designed for commuters comes with fenders, rear rack, bungee straps and bell.

Product Description

Designed for the everyday Commuters The MOBIC City X7 is ready for any type of commute. We wanted most importantly our riders to enjoy their commute. This way they will experience the fun of riding a MOBIC not just to and from work or school but also for health and leisure. Clamp-n-Lock Technology The MOBIC City X7 folding bikes comes with MOBIC's new innovative "Clamp-n-Lock" folding technology. Not only does it allows the bike to fold quickly under 10sec, it also increases the strutural integrity of the folding frame and the handle post. When unfolding the City X7's frame and handle post, you will hear a click that indicates the frame and handle post has been fully extended and locked in place, then by pushing the locking level in place, this further tightens and strengthens the folding connector that further reduces frame flex and ensures the safety of our MOBIC riders when riding our bikes. Brand Name Components The MOBIC City X7 is equipped with brand name components such as Shimano's 7-speed grip shifter and derailleur. It also comes standard with a 52T Crankgear Kit for faster speeds allowing you to cover more distance in a shorter amount of time. Last but not least your MOBIC City X7 will come with high pressure, low resistance Kenda Kwest tires. These 70 psi tires allow you to spin faster, lighter and provide better puncture resistance. The MOBIC City X7 comes with folding platform pedals, a rear pannier rack for you to carry more and allows you to relieve that extra weight on your shoulders. Committed to Quality Prior to every bike we ship, we perform a rigorous 21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test to make sure proper adjustment are performed on each working component. Arrives 100% Assembled from California

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