Front Hydraulic Suspension by Shibuya - For Birdy Folding Bikes by Pacific Cycles

$199.99 - $199.99

Product Details

Product Information

Product Details

  • Spring+Damping Hydraulic Suspension
  • 100% CNC's Machines/Polish
  • Coil Springs made in Germany
  • Material: AL-6061
  • Available Colors: Anodized Blue or Red Core + Black Coils

Product Description

The Shibuya suspension is created with the best damping - 1.9k value for CycleHosue Shibuya. The progressive coil spring made with German steel wire is proven to withstand one million times of rebound. It is best for mountain climbing, riding downhill or on bumpy trail.e weight of the car and the extra strength, without variable relaxation.

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