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Welcome to the home of Yeah Bike. Yeah Bike is a website dedicated to providing you the best of Folding Bike Listings. Yeah Bike started its mission to help provide you with the best selection of folding bikes and secure shopping experience through amazon. 


Bikes come in many forms shapes and sizes, but what makes our selection unique the ability for our bikes to be folded for easy storage and transportation. Unfolding a bike is a breeze and you will always wounder why you have never bought a folding bike before. At the current state of the market folding bikes make up 10% total bike sales, this means that only 10% of people who own bikes know about the benefits of having a fold-able and easily setup bicycle. 

We love our bikes so much and we want to help you buy the best bike for you. You can contact us for a consultation or you can browse our entire directory of bikes, From strida, dahon, allen and birdy, we carry them all in our amazon stores. what better way to shop than on amazon with secure and guaranteed customer satisfaction. 


Benefits of folding bikes:

Cool looking

Do you want to look different and unique? what a better way to impress the crowd by owning a folding bicycle. It is definitely one thing that will get you noticed, for all the right reasons! It is definitely a conversation starter! When you own a one you will be very happy with the 21st century modern look, and your cool points will gain a few percent

On the Go

If you are always running around with limited space and you need to be quick an efficient, Folding bikes definitely give you the edge and the advantage you need to be quick on your feet. you can fold it any where in less that 20 seconds and be able to maneuver your way in every situation. You can take it on the bus, train and in a trunk of a car.


Yes smaller tires means more torque. Even though most folding bikes come in small tire form factor, you can still find your way to a larger tire size. The torque increase means that you will get ahead at the first pedal much faster than a normal bike. with less effort!

Saves Space

Folding bikes are very efficient in terms of space savings. You can store this tiny bicycle anywhere. even in your closet without taking up any space! That is the main reason I own these beautiful creatures of a bike. They are simply amazing and in a simplistic reality of today we all want a chique space saving city performing vehicle. These bikes are the way to go.


100% practical in every aspect. you can never go wrong with owning a folding bike. if you do not think so, trust me with the first purchase of your folding bike you will never think that you want to ever own a regular bike ever again! 


Give a folding bike a try today. Browse our online selection and you will be happy you did.



Here is how the Folding Bike Technology Works


This good-looking latch is simple to operate and secures 

the two halves of the bicycle to click latch in an instant.



Chubbs Head Tube 

Most folding bikes lack stiffness at the front end. These bikes would have handlebars and stems that flex alarmingly when pushed or pulled. We resolved the problem by lengthening and enlarging the diameter of the head tube, which makes the front end more stiff and rigid.



Chubbs head Tube

ClikLok™ Latch

The flip of a single lever folds and unfolds the bicycle. The "click" sound tells you the lock is in place. Another safety hook keeps the lever in place to ensure double locking safety.



PowerBulge™ Tubing

PowerBulge™ frame tubing is manipulated so that it bulges vertically as it approaches the head tube. This results in a frame that is substantially stiffer on the vertical plane, where the front end of the bike is most stressed. An additional benefit is that the frame tube also narrows as it approaches the head tube, allowing a more compact fold. Dahon patented technology.





When the bike is in its folded position, our riders can flip out a third wheel, which enables them to push the bike along with
great ease.



QuikFold™ Telescope Handlepost

This handlepost allows riders of all heights to adjust the handlebar to the desirable height. A patented, threadless locking mechanism hides the latch inside the hinge, making the base very clean and streamlined.


Re-Bar™ Technology

Patented Re-Bar™ technology is a break-through frame technology that delivers strength and stiffness while maintaining low weight. The ingenious Re-Bar™ structural support effectively turns a monotube frame into a much stronger, triangulated frame. Many of the mono-tube folding frame designs on the market do not pass international standards for frame strength.

Re Bar

ViseGrip™ Latch 

In engineering jargon, our ViseGrip™ latching mechanisms have an exceptionally high degree of mechanical advantage. What this means is that they require little force to operate but are exceptionally strong when locked down. Our aluminum ViseGrip™ latch is forged into a beautifully smooth and sculpted shape that fits your hand perfectly. On the hinge, we have a stainless steel hinge pin and brass bushings between moving parts for a silky smooth folding action. Our steel ViseGrip™ gets the same shape but in stainless steel for improved strength and durability.

Vise Grip

WrapAround™ Chain Stays

Most folding bikes have very poor torsional stiffness in the bottom bracket. Our patented WrapAround™technology wraps the chain stays around the seat post and welds them directly to the bottom bracket. The result is a dramatically stiffer bottom bracket for better power transfer.

Wrap Around


Folding Instructions and General Online Manual:

Folding Instruction

Step 1

Prepare to fold your bicycle by standing on the side with the chain. The chain and crank will be in front of you.

Step 2

Move the stem into the folding position. The stem should be extended far enough that the handlebars sit just under the wheel axles when the handle post is folded.

Step 3

Rotate the stopper hook away from the handle post latch.

Step 4

Unlock the handle post latch by pulling it away from the handle post.

Step 5

Swing the handle post into the folded position: upside down and flush against the front wheel. Be sure the front wheel stays parallel to the frame. When folded properly, the handlebars should sit just below the wheel axle.

Note: On some models the handle post folds to the outside.

Step 6

Open the seat post quick-release. Lower the seat post. Twist the saddle 45 degrees to the left.Close the quick release.

Step 7

Rotate the cranks so that the left crank is pointed forward and down at a 15 degree angle.

Step 8

Move the frame latch safety hook to the open position. ( Note: Your frame latch safety hook may be in a slightly different position than shown in the picture above.)

Step 9

Open the frame latch lever.

Step 10

Swing the front and rear halves of the frame closely, and then swing the front half of the frame back until the two wheels are parallel.



Incorrect: Saddle is incorrectly position and is butting up against the handle post.

Correct:When you twist the saddle 45 degrees to the left, there should be some space between saddle and the Quick-release lever.


Snap the folding pedal(s) into the folded position by pushing the pedal body inwards and rotating downwards.

Step 12

Your bicycle is now ready for easy transportation or storage.


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